Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bravest Warriors: The Bunless

Recently, I was given the amazing opportunity to do some designs for the new Bravest Warriors web series. I thought it would be cool to post my process from rough concept to cleaned-up designs. Beth, Chris, Danny and Wallow, were pre-existing designs.. I just did some costume changes and *cough* -other- enhancements to their designs. The Bunless alien race was really fun to concept, as were the BunMasters :) Rough Beth hair designs
Rough Beth gowns
Cleaned up Beth gown
Here's the *cough* -other- enhancement I was talking about.
Rough tux for Chris
Cleaned up tux
I drew these, and the buns were not nearly large enough
Some butt options..
Rough butt design
Cleaned up butt design
Rough Danny spy
Cleaned up Danny spy
Rough Wallow poses
Cleaned up Wallow pose
Bunless concepts!
More Bunless concepts!
We're getting closer..
Once we settled on a rough design, I was asked to explore a little more with it.
Rough Bunless turn
Bunmaster explorations
Bunmaster cleanups
Aaand a random alien in distress
BIG thanks to Executive Producer, Breehn Burns for all the guidance and for being an incredibly awesome person in general. LOVE YOU DUDE. Enough of my rambling, go watch the episode, and for Bunless sake, please subscribe and watch all of the episodes!!


Dom said...

Love these, as always.

Mitchel Kennedy said...

Ha! Great stuff for a super funny episode! I love your work.

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Jon McNally said...


Delighted to see these? Yes.

Jealous? Also, yes.