Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Natural History Museum

Today, Jennifer and I took a trip to the LA Natural History Museum to see the new Dinosaur exhibit. It was AWESOME. Water dinosaurs are probably one of my favorite things in the world, and they had not one, but TWO water dinosaurs on display! Plesiosaur and Mosasaur greeted me with smiling faces.. totally awesome :)



Mike Nassar said...

these look so swwweeettt!

Le Tang said...

These are great! I have been meaning to go there!

andre medina said...

great works!!!!

Trish said...

The nerd in me hates to have to do this, but Mososaurs are a seagoing monitor lizard relatives. Tylosaurs, ichtyyosaurs, plesioaurs, and the like aren't swimming dinosaurs. But (and here's the mind-blowing part) penguins, ducks, loons, and the like ARE swimming dinosaurs.

Fantastic sketches at any rate! Love how you captured the goofyness of Carnotaurus.