Friday, May 9, 2014


On May 5th, my horse went in for surgery to alleviate some pain he's been having due to a degenerative bone condition.

Thanks to my wonderful doctor, and his wonderful team of vet techs, the surgery went well! 
I wanted to make a card to thank them for all their hard work
.... I also asked if they could fit him for a robot leg next time. 

He's on stall rest for two weeks, BORIIING. but necessary for healing. So I've hidden little bits of apples into dog toys in hopes to keep him occupied. These next two weeks will test my "leg wrapping skills" and how closely I can match the vet's awesome wrap- seriously, how cool is this lightning bolt! 

Chaunessey, doing what he does best. 

 Onto a brighter, pain-free future! 


Dom said...

Hooray pain free future! Love the cartoon :)

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