Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shark-a-day drawing jam

So, it's Shark Week on Discovery Channel, the best week of the year. I've been planning on picking one species to draw every day of shark week. Seven days, seven species of sharks.
I was wondering if anyone would want to join me in this little adventure? If I get submissions, I will post links to them at the end of the week- either to my blog, or DA, respectively. Of course, it doesn't matter if you're late. I'm more concerned about exploring the different designs of different sharks and though I plan to make a drawing a day, it doesn't mean you would have to. So long as you draw a shark (maybe all 7!) and you post a link to your drawing by the end of the week (next Sunday). No rules here, this is all for fun.

Monday was Oceanic White Tips-

Here is a random page I did the first day of Shark Week.
Here is the schedule for the rest of the week-
Tuesday- Goblin Shark
Wednesday- Mako Shark (shortfin or longfin, doesn't matter.)
Thursday- Hammerhead Shark (great, scalloped, or smooth, doesn't matter.)
Friday- Blue Shark
Saturday- Thresher S
hark (common, pelagic, or bigeye, doesn't matter.)
Sunday- Great White

Happy Shark Week!!!


rymit said...

shark week!!!

Jennifer Harlow said...


These are all such awesome designs Kristen! Good job ye' land-lubber.

Keelamari said...

GAAAWWWWWD these are sweet.

Tauma'oe said...

these are great! me likey. i gave your challege a try ...key word try. love your stuff