Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Boy, the year sure has flown by! And these drawings are all I have to show from my time at CalArts this year :( 
Haha, just kidding.. I was rummaging around in the closet today and discovered these little beauties. My dad has saved pretty much everything I've ever drawn when I was little so I have boxes and boxes of this stuff. 
I hope 2009 is just as challenging and wonderful as 2008. I hope to fulfill all of my resolutions, challenge myself to be a better artist, work on being a better person all around.. but most of all- I wish health and happiness for all of my friends and family :) Happy New Year! Now commence with making fun of my lolworthy drawings! 


Jennifer Harlow said...

These are really great Kristen! haha, I wish I had some of my early artistic endeavors to share. Then we could have a whole night of lolworthy critiques:) Happy New Year Kristen!

Emma said...

Ooh, my parents have stacks of drawings almost identical to the I Love Horses drawing. Is that a dinosaur fighting a unicorn on a rainbow?? It begs a revisitation.

Rick Cortes said...

These are fag-tacular. I love them. T-shirts must be made of them!

Happy new year, pal.

Cindey said...

these are way too cute kristen!
i'll need to go find my old drawings next time i go home hehe.

Linnea Hoover said...

I don't think I have anything from when I was really little... These are really cute though!

Jenessa said...

I love these Kristen.. and I love your love of horses!

I think that Steven Silver would be proud of you and your horseies!