Friday, February 1, 2008

More Priscilla's stuff

My Traditional Animation class was cancelled last night, so Linnea, Kris and I went to Priscilla's coffee shop 
Here are some colorful sea monsters :) 
and a not so colorful crocodile thing.. 
a spotted griffin
This is an angry lady I drew in writing arts. 


Fabien said...

Ooooo heh heh i didnt know you had a blog! i kinda havent updated mine in ages.. neways im always fascinated by ur line quality its beauty!

kris anka said...

dada sucks balls

dude i didnt see that griffon drawing last night! whats the deal?!
priscillas was funfun.

Shane said...

your a fuckin rockstar.. those monsties are SICK SICK SICK!!!

ANX said...

Hotness from top to bottom

Kristina M said...

I love the griffin!

Also pretty sure I've seen that girl around before too hehe